"We spent 4 nights and 5 days trying to do everything the house offered and never came close to playing everything."

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1. What's The Layout Of The Beds?
Altogether, the Great Escape Parkside's bedrooms boast 5 King-sized beds, 4 Queen sized beds, 4 twin-sized beds in double bunks, 18 twin-sized beds in triple bunks, & 4 twin-sized beds in their own individual frames.  There are also 7 twin tri-fold OR rollaway beds and a sleeper sofa with its own fold-out twin bed as well. If you have a few more people in your group, they can easily sleep in the luxurious, fully reclining seats of the Jumanji 2.0 theater. (Teens & young adults are especially fond of falling asleep in the Jumanji theater while watching movies & playing video games on the giant screen until the wee hours). We also keep 2-3 pack-n-play cribs on site for the tiny ones!

2. We're An All Adults Group. Is This Place For Us?
Without a doubt-- YES! The Great Escape Parkside is a high-end 15 bedroom luxury estate home with extravagant finishes and unforgettably comfortable bedding! It was designed with all ages in mind. Our enormous pool deck features the world's first billiard-themed swimming pool (yes, it's a "pool pool"!) and resort-style lounging. All-adult groups LOVE the lazy river, the outdoor kitchen, the state-of-the-art movie theater, the casino games parlor suite, the karaoke sound stage, the sports courts, the mind-bending puzzles of the two escape rooms, the hot tub, the campfire pit, and so much more! The Great Escape Parkside is an indisputably excellent location for corporate retreats, milestone birthdays & anniversaries, etc; Whether you're looking to have everyone participate in team-building, hold productive group meetings, or just spend your days alternating between our swimming paradise and the reclining seats of the theater, you're more-than-likely to find that everyone has something they LOVE to do at the estate.

3. Will Small Children Like This? How About Grade Schoolers?
Uhmmm.... YES! Children of all ages will never forget their visit to The Great Escape Parkside! Countless kids have actually chosen to stay & play at the estate rather than leave for day trips to the Orlando area theme parks!  Sensing that their parents are relaxed and having the time of their lives at The Great Escape, children seem to be inspired to imagine more...to play more...and to live their lives to the fullest! They tend to spend hours trying to beat the best score posted in our Laser Maze room, swimming & sliding in the "pool pool," kicking sticky velcro balls at the 15' dart board, trying out the "Never-Be-BORED" game, landing an 8 ball in the corner pocket of our Human Soccer Billiards Inflatable, playing carnival games in the midway, singing karaoke while donning our costume props, and even trying to find their way through our giant maze!  

4. Will Teenagers Like This?
They're actually likely to be among the estate's biggest fans! When they're not hanging out by the pool, the waterslide, the lazy river......or watching movies in the theater... singing on our stage...or racing through the laser maze after playing video games and trying to beat the two escape rooms...they'll be bragging to their friends & followers on social media as they snap countless photos of the incredible place at which they're staying!  

5. Does The Kitchen Have All Of The Essential Appliances?
Absolutely! Heck yes! We've stocked the "slice-n-DICE" (indoor) kitchen with everything we believe you'd expect to find in an upscale vacation retreat rental...and then some!  There's a microwave, dishwasher, stove, oven, toaster, etc; Of course, you'll find both a traditional coffee maker and a Keurig... as well as dishware/silverware for dozens and dozens and dozens of people. The indoor kitchen even has TWO full-sized refrigerators while the outdoor "Burger Time" kitchen has an additional mini-fridge and a commercial ice maker. That second outdoor kitchen also features its own dishwasher and of course, a large grill!

6. Will You Have High Chairs and Cribs?
Yes! We'll keep 2-3 pack-n-play cribs and high chair attachments on site! If you absolutely need 3, please call ahead to make sure the third one is there and ready for you. We can also refer a local vendor who rents additional cribs and other baby equipment as well.

7. Will You Provide Towels?
Tons! Every one of our 13 bathrooms has a full set of towels and we also provide more than 50 "stripes & solids" towels for the billiard pool

8. How Much Does It Cost?
During the off season, staying at The Great Escape Parkside is usually $1595 per weeknight and $1780 per weekend night + 11% taxes & fees. In peak season (summer, major holidays, etc;), it averages $1985-2180/night + tax. Departure cleaning is $888 and a flat $488 amenities fee is added to all bookings to cover frequent replacement of linens and a number of other maintenance items that require periodic attention to keep the estate looking so beautiful! If you're booking 3 nights from Saturday-Tuesday during the regular season, you would usually calculate your total price as follows:  2 weekend nights at $1780/ea= $3600 + $1595 (for Monday night) + $888 departure cleaning + $488 amenities fee + 11% tax= $7249.41. Of course, if you bring 54 people...that's only $44.74 per person per night for exclusive access to the entire estate & all of its over-the-top games & amenities. As rates do fluctuate, please use our rate calculator to get an instant...and exact price for any dates you choose!

9. Is The Price Negotiable?
Sorry! Even though we're a "game" house retreat, we don't play with our pricing! To be fair to all, our advertised rates are the actual and final prices for everyone. We're confident that you'll find renting The Great Escape Parkside to be an excellent value when you compare it with the price of an ordinary hotel stay for 20-50 people. Remember: Going into Orlando to play a laser maze and 2 escape rooms would...by itself, usually cost in excess of $70 per person and yet those games are just a couple of the many attractions & diversions included in your stay at Great Escape! At times, you may find last minute deals to fill-in for cancellations on our Facebook page.

10. I've Seen Large Vacation Homes That Rent For Less...Why Do You Charge More?
Comparing The Great Escape series of luxury estate retreat homes to "vacation rentals" would be like comparing the renting of an amenities-filled limousine to renting an SUV...It would be like comparing a themed, elegant 5 course dinner extravaganza w/ an acrobat show....to a quick bite at a fast food buffet chain....Ok, better still...It would be like comparing the ultimate family game night to a simple round of marbles! We are not a "vacation rental" but rather, we're something much better: We're an entire multi-acre retreat you get to have entirely to your selves! Along with our sister properties, The Great Escape Lakeside, The Sweet Escape Mansion  The Ever After Estate, & The Lake Louisa Chateau, we're truly "runnin' this game!"  Vacation rentals don't offer the huge sleeping capacity that vacation retreats do....Vacation rentals rarely offer the vast acreage that our retreats do...and certainly no vacation home has our one-of-a-kind level of "wow" amenities & attractions. From the high-tech laser maze to our giant waterslide, full-scale escape room games, giant maze wall, arcade, midway, state-of-the-art movie theater, outdoor kitchen, lazy river, sports courts, human bowling course...and beyond, NO expense was spared when it came to making this one of the WORLD'S most entertaining luxury estate. Any other place is really.... "just a house" and THAT....players... ain't no GAME!

11. What Time Are Check-In and Check-Out?
Our typical check-in is at 4pm and our standard check-out is 10am. We may* be able to accommodate an early check-in and/or a late check-out for an additional fee---but we usually can't know for sure until a week or so  prior to your arrival.  This is because we often have same-day guest transitions and our housekeeping, pool, & maintenance crews almost always need every minute of those 6 hours to turnaround the estate between guests.



12. Are The Games Free?
YES!---It's all included! There's no extra cost to play our games, our machines, or to use our amenities. There was no way to program ol' Uncle Sam to stop requiring quarters BUT if you put some in, we're happy to refund them at checkout!

13. What's Your Cancellation Policy?
If you decide to exit the game before you ever get to come and play, you can cancel your reservation up to 120 calendar days prior to your scheduled arrival. The only penalty for doing so is a $285 cancellation fee (and any credit card fees you may have paid). However, if you cancel with 120 or fewer days left to go, then your deposit and any additional money paid would have to be forfeited. In most cases, purchasing a travel insurance policy will protect your deposit in the unlikely event that you get sick and need to cancel at the last minute.

14. Can You Hold My Dates For Me?
It would be awesome if we had a way to do so but....just as with most cruise ships, major hotels, or other travel experiences, your dates cannot be officially held with only a verbal request to do so. To make your booking "official," please remit your 40% deposit and signed rental agreement. We hope you understand that it simply wouldn't be fair to turn away other guests who are sure they're ready to book... while your group decides whether or not it's going to work out. BUT... if you're SURE you want to reserve The Great Escape and simply need a little time to collect money from each person in your family/group and don't want to risk losing your dates, then we DO offer the option to hold your booking with a signed rental agreement and a non-refundable partial deposit of just $500. You'll then have 14 calendar days to pay the remainder of your 40% deposit to complete your reservation. Keep in mind, however, that if you originate your booking this way and later need to cancel it, the $500 then becomes non-refundable. If you'd like to set up a "500 down" booking, please let us know by calling (or text messaging) 407-900-3798 or use our "Contact" form.

15. Can You Let Me Know If Someone Cancels? My Dates Aren't Available
Yes! Use the "Wait List" link at the top of our site to be instantly notified (by email) the moment that anyone cancels a reservation that was set to occur within your desired date range. In the meantime, be sure to check availability at our "sister" properties also managed by Orlando Area Luxury Rentals. You may have your heart set on The Great Escape Parkside but the other homes are usually considered to be just as awesome!  In fact, Travel & Leisure Magazine called The Sweet Escape House (www.sweetescapehouse.com) "...more fun than Disney World..." and HGTV featured The Ever After Estate (www.theeverafterestate.com) on "Most Outrageous Homes In America!" Great Escape Lakeside has been in the Guinness Book of World Records and countless mass media publications! Read about them all at www.orlandoarealuxuryrentals.com!

16. How Do I Make A Reservation? How Much Is The Deposit?
Use the "RESERVE" link on our menu and select your dates. Enter your contact information and make your 40% deposit  (via your choice of any major credit card, check, e-check, Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, wire transfer, or even direct deposit). We'll call and/or email you to confirm your booking and email you a rental agreement. Initial, sign, and return the agreement (or complete it online). Once you've done that, you'll be officially confirmed to stay at The Great Escape Parkside! If you need some time to collect the 40% deposit from everyone in your group but want to hold your dates immediately (to avoid losing them), you can opt to put down a non-refundable $500 now and then pay off the rest of the 40% deposit within 2 weeks. To do this, simply enter 500now (all lowercase) as your "existing client access code" on our reservation payment form.

17. How Close Are Stores, Restaurants, Theme Parks, & The Airport?
There are TONS of stores and restaurants within an easy 5-10 minute drive (and there are even two restaurants within a fairly short 20-30 minute power walk!) Entire shopping centers are only one traffic light away! The Great Escape Parkside is located barely 15 minutes from the heart of Clermont, a sprawling Orlando suburb which has a Super Target, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, etc;.  We're only about 35 minutes from the main gate of Walt Disney World while Orlando International Airport (MCO) is about 40-45 minutes by car and Tampa International Airport (TPA) is about 75-80 minutes by car.

18. Is The Great Escape Pet-Friendly ?
On a case-by-case basis, we do allow guests to bring hypoallergenic, potty-trained dogs. (In other words, this means nearly any dog CAN come!) Guests are required to have their pets pre-approved. There's a $49 fee per pet per day.

19. Are There Laundry Facilities On Site?
Absolutely! The "Chutes & Ladders Laundry Room" features 2 washing machines & 2 dryers!

20. Is The House Wheelchair-Friendly?
The Great Escape Parkside wasn't specifically designed for wheelchair-bound guests but we have had a few stay on site---and they've reported loving it! The entire downstairs (9 of the 15 bedrooms) can be accessed with only one step up from the front porch but wheelchair guests will not be able to go upstairs to the second floor unless they can walk/transfer. The lower level does have two walk-in showers in the 2 master suites-- with only a minor step down to get in to either of them. If you're unsure re: what's upstairs vs. downstairs, click here to check out our floor plan.



We're On 10 Privately Gated Acres Right Near Orlando!


Step Up Your Game!

These Are Just SOME Of Our Incredible Amenities!

"Shoot Pool" - 8 Ball Swim!

The billiard table "pool pool" features a lazy river, fast waterslide, water canon, and "chalk" hot tub! Read more..

billiard table pool pool for swimming

Gamers - Stay A FORTNIGHT!

Our Xbox/PS room includes 6 bedside flat screens connected to multiple video game consoles! Read more..

x-box playstation bedroom at vacation rental near orlando

Game For All Ages!

Everyone from the ages of 1-116 will find multiple things they LOVE about Great Escape Parkside! Read more..

laser maze in a house for rent!

Yes, That's A Laser Maze!!

Duck under and jump over high-tech lasers as you race against time to get the lowest score possible! Read more..

laser maze in a house for rent!

The Ms. Pac-Man Bedroom

Sleep in an immersive 360 pac-maze and play classic stand-up arcade games as well as Atari & Nintendo classics! Read more..

Ms. Pac-Man bedroom near Orlando, FL

Perform On Our Karaoke Stage!

Choose from among millions of song titles and many colorful costume props too! Come rock our stage! Read more..

Sing karaoke at this luxury vacation retreat rental in the Orlando, Florida area.

Get Tied Up In Knots

In The Twister Bedroom, the bed folds into the wall so you can play a 360 degree version of the classic! Read more..

Twister bedroom at luxury vacation rental in Florida

Arcade Games Galore!

Air Hockey! Speed of Light! Whack-a-Mole! Classic Standup Machines...You'll find a ton of arcade machines here! Read more..

Arcade games at luxury vacation rental home in the Orlando area

Welcome To The Jungle

The Jumanji theater is an immersive 360 degree experience in a high-end, state-of-the-ART cinema! Read more..

Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle themed movie theater in a house!

Shoot Pool & The Pool Pool!

Our billiard-table swimming pool has a cue stick water cannon, lazy river, fast waterslide, AND a pool table! Read more..

Shoot a water canon at the billiard swimming pool at Great Escape Parkside

Enjoy Peace & Serenity

Only steps from our gaming amenities, you'll find 10 gorgeous, hammock-studded acres of tranquility. Read more..

Peace & quiet at this vacation retreat on 10 private acres with a gate

CLUE 2.0 - The Escape Room

You'll have 60 minutes to crack puzzles and solve a murder mystery in the spirit of the classic board game! Read more..

Escape room game inside of a house

Play GIANT Size Classics!

Enjoy life-sized chess, 6 foot tall Scrabble, Giant Mencala, Wall-Mounted Connect Four, and so many others! Read more..

Larger-than-life giant board games at a rental house

Experience Human Billiards!

In Soccer Ball Billiards ("Snookball"), you're a human cue stick trying to land stripes or solids into the right pockets! Read more..

soccer billiard snookball or human bowling in a zorb ball at this vacation retreat rental

The Never Be BORED Game!

Roll giant dice and battle your way around this unique outdoor board in head-to-head game challenges! Read more..

Giant outdoor concrete board game at Florida rental house for vacations and family reunions

Be IN A Whack-a-Mole Game!

Up to 6 "moles" compete to grab & store as many prize balls as they can...without getting "whacked!" Read more..

Giant inflatable whack-a-mole game

A 15' Tall Dartboard?!

Try to score a bullseye by kicking velcro soccer balls at this enormous inflatable target! Read more..

Giant inflatable dart game

The War Games Escape Room

Form two teams and go head-to-head to be the first to escape this unique room while avoiding espionage! Read more..

Play a war-themed escape room game at Great Escape Parkside

Gigantic Games Everywhere!

Play larger-than-life sized versions of games like Scrabble, Mencala, Chess, Connect 4, & many others! Read more..

life-sized game house

Pass GO!

This incredibly immersive room brings you INTO a multi-dimensional Monopoly *experience!* Read more..

Monopoly themed bedroom

Old School & New School

Experience BOTH the classic AND new school versions of your all-time favorite games! Read more..

airbnb villa luxury home orlando florida with arcade

Deal or No Deal?!?

In the TV Game Show Bedroom, the floors light up and glow and YOU are the contestant! Read more..

deal or no deal arcade game

Casino Games In Style

The swanky "Casino Games Suite" offers multiple gaming options (no prizes awarded, of course!) Read more..

poker house orlando with slot machines and casino gaming

All The Skeeball You Can Play!

The classic Boardwalk edition of Skeeball can be found overlooking the Pool Table Pool! Read more..

airbnb game house with skeeball orlando

Copyright . All rights reserved. The Great Escape Parkside is a private 10 acre, 15 bedroom vacation home rental estate near the many lakes of Clermont, Florida right near Orlando. First class, SIX star service is provided to all guests during their stay. We have no affiliation with the makers of any games that we've used to artistically decorate our rooms. Full terms can be viewed in our standard rental agreement.If you have ANY questions, please click here to let us know or call 1-407-900-3798.