...a newer version of the world famous "board game house!"


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The New Great Escape 2.0 (Parkside) Will Open In February of 2019 and will be modeled after
the original Great Escape 1.0 (Lakeside) but with some all-new game-changing features:

There will be 15 bedrooms instead of 13, many different themes,
a newly-designed "billiard" themed swimming pool, and new interactive games...

NEW bedroom themes include:
 "Twister," "Games Gone Wild," "TV Game Shows," "RISK," & "X-Gaming Consoles!"

There will be a gigantic concrete "human board game" outside surrounding
other games like giant Yahtzee and giant Battleship!

There will be giant outdoor "Human Whack-A-Mole" and Giant 15' Tall Outdoor Soccer Darts!

The "Corner Pocket" Pool & Lazy River complex will be modeled after a giant billiard table and
feature a slide and shooting water cannons!

The Pac-Man Room will be re-imagined into the MS* Pac-Man Room...!

The Jumanji Theater 2.0 will be based on the Rock's NEW Jumanji blockbuster hit!

The escape room experience will be completely new--AND there will be TWO of them!

The laser maze room will feature new "Laster BUSTER" technology; an alternate game in which you race to "bust" the most laser beams in 30 seconds!

Check back often for theme updates & new surprises.

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Get Your Game Face On!

These Are Just a Few of the Amazing Amenities At our Other Location!

Play Human Foosball!

Grab hold of the sliders and use teamwork to score a goal!

Lite Up Your Family's Life!

Display your own artistic creations on our Giant Lite Brite wall!

Larger Than Life Games

Every room and closet of Great Escape provides a 360 degree interactive gaming experience.

Classics For The Classy

Play Pac-Man on a stand-up arcade machine or enjoy classic video games on an Atari 2600 or Intellivision!

40,000 Gallons Of Fun

The huge billiard-themed pool features a lazy river, slide, and water cannons!

Navigate A Laser Maze!

Duck under & climb over actual lasers in a high-tech race against time!

The Real Family Feud!

Play Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, & other hit game shows LIVE in our buzzer-operated interactive studio!

No Quarters!

Enjoy classic pinball, stand-up arcade games, billiards, boomerang air hockey, X-box, PS, Wii, & more! ..

Your Own Night Club

Dance the night away, sing karaoke, and play high tech games in The Great Escape's family night club!

What Happens In This Room...

Play real slot machines, use a full-sized blacjack table, and more in the Casino Games/Royal Flush suite.

Solve A Mystery... To Escape!

You'll have 60 minutes to try to beat the world's only residential Escape Room--based on CLUE.

Jumanji Luxury Theater

Experience our state-of-the-art Jumanji theater. Recline in luxury seats & watch Hollywood hits in comfort.

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Experience Scrabble Overload

Play the biggest hit versions of Scrabble and try to unscramble an encoded wall message!

Get Puzzled!

Challenge yourself with the World's Largest Word Search and other mind-bending puzzles.

Play Human Bowling

Roll into giant cushioned pins in a game of human bowling! You can even keep score!

This Is Soccer Billiards!

It's a huge concrete pool table in which players KICK giant soccer billiard balls into the pockets!

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We have no affiliation with the makers of any games that we've used to artistically decorate our rooms.
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an excellent reputation. However, neither the owner, nor Orlando Area Luxury Rentals, LLC are responsible for any damage to a guest's personal property
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